Connect: How to Inspire, Influence & Energise Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

by Simon Lancaster

Heligo, London 2022

Communication can make the difference between failure and success. When it goes badly, it’s a nightmare. When it goes well, it’s the stuff of dreams.

In this revelatory and entertaining guide, top speechwriter Simon Lancaster reveals that the secret to great communication lies not in logic alone, but in skilfully connecting with people’s deepest instincts and emotions.

‘A treasure trove of communication advice.’

Viv Groskop

You Are Not Human: How Words Kill

by Simon Lancaster

Biteback, London 2018

Top speechwriter Simon Lancaster goes on a mission to explore how metaphors are used and abused today. From Washington to Westminster, Silicon Valley to Syria, Glastonbury to Grenfell, he discovers the same images being used repeatedly.

Prepare to take a journey into the surreal. This book raises profound questions about the power of language and the language of power. You will never think about words in the same way again.

‘A powerful and timely reminder of our shared humanity.’

Los Angeles Review of Books

Winning Minds: Secrets from the Language of Leadership

by Simon Lancaster

Palgrave Macmillan, London 2015

Shhh…. Did you know there is a secret Language of Leadership: a timeless set of cues and signals that still determines who reaches the top in politics and business today.

The ancient Greeks were the first to study the art of communication 2,500 years ago. It is only now, with recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, that we can say for sure what works and how. In Winning Minds, top speechwriter Simon Lancaster blends ancient rhetoric and neuroscience to create the definitive guide to the Language of Leadership.

‘I wish I’d read Winning Minds before I was put in charge of people. Readable engaging and helpful. Valuable advice.’

Financial Times, 8th August 2015

Speech Writing: The Expert Guide

by Simon Lancaster

Hale Expert Guides, London 2010

Speechwriting reveals all the tools and techniques of the trade, giving invaluable practical guidance to professional or aspiring speechwriters. This book combines academic rigour with practical nous, drawing on lessons from Aristotle to Obama. It is the essential guide for anyone who writes speeches for themselves or others in politics, PR or business.

‘A pithy and informative insider’s guide. A fascinating gem. Whether you wish to write speeches yourself or just want to know how to deconstruct the words of others, Lancaster’s superbly written guide will prove invaluable.’

Mail on Sunday, 24th October 2010