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Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP
Former Home Secretary

Simon’s energy, vitality and sheer joie de vivre make him a great speechwriter and an equally good and inspiring teacher.

Richard Solomons
CEO, Intercontinental Hotels Group plc

From substance to style, Winning Minds is an excellent insight into the language of leadership written in the clear yet humorous way that is Simon’s hallmark.

Paul Pomroy
Managing Director, McDonalds UK

Simon is extremely charismatic and will really challenge your thinking. Great tips and structures! The Language of Leadership is one of the most enjoyable, practical and informative courses I’ve ever attended.

Darren Childs
Chief Executive Officer, UKTV

Simon’s book unlocks the secret of how to be a world class communicator and leader in a book that is as entertaining as it is packed with know-how.

Peter Wanless
CEO, National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

Winning Minds lays bare with shocking clarity the simple techniques that great communicators use to manipulate our emotions. Give them a go and unleash your hidden leader!

Adrienne Kelbie
Chief Executive, Disclosure and Barring Service

What I like about Simon’s work is that it is simple, clear and effective. If you need people to care as much as you care, to be moved as much as you are moved and to give as much as you give, read Winning Minds.

Lord Adonis
Reformer. Politician and Peer

Simon is ever the perfectionist with a flair for the word and phrase, thorough research and attention to detail.

Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt
Chair, UK India Business Council

Simon has a rare talent for really understanding what you want to say and helping you say it better.

Dave Roycroft
HR, Invesco plc

We shared Simon’s Language of Leadership course with our managers across the world to help them inspire and engage others. The feedback was great! He tailored his material so it was really relevant for us.

Phil Ruse
Head of Operations, Allianz Insurance plc

Attend the Language of Leadership only if you want to become a deeply inspiring leader. Simon helped me become more passionate, engaging and persuasive.

Dr Sarah Burton
Course Director, Creative Writing, University of Cambridge

Simon balances an entertaining and engaging style with erudite insight and practical useful advice. He made students laugh and he made them work, producing some outstanding material. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Parag Vaghjiani
Policy and Implementation Unit,
10 Downing Street

The Language of Leadership course changed me for the better. I now articulate myself much more clearly, concisely and convincingly than ever before.

Mark Swain
Director, Henley Business School

The Language of Leadership is powerful stuff that will change the way you “think” about language, and the way you “do” leadership. Simon’s superb style is somewhere between serious discussion in the corporate boardroom and a cosy fireside chat in a country pub. Massively entertaining. Hugely useful. Thoroughly recommended.

Jonathan Charteris-Black
Professor of Linguistics, University of the West of England

In this friendly, accessible and highly entertaining account of leaders’ language Simon Lancaster demonstrates many of the features of persuasive speaking in the actual style of his writing: clear, concise and humourous. Winning Minds wins us over by finding an adroit balance between erudition and story-telling, so that fascinating insights from neuroscience are blended with amusing anecdotes from his own experience in the world of speech writing.

Professor Clive Holtham
Cass Business School

Simon is a gifted facilitator of practical executive workshops who brings his ideas to life in a challenging and engaging way.

Prof J. Powell and Prof. L Rubinstein
Centre for Oratory and Rhetoric, Royal Holloway, University of London.

Winning Minds is an important resource for all engaged in corporate communication and for anyone else who wants to be able to tell the difference between leaders and misleaders.

Sarah Daniels
Director of UK HR at Marie Stopes International

Another day. Another business lecture. Then Simon is introduced. He is witty and fiercely intelligent. He tells stories that span centuries of great leaders and their speeches. You find yourself sharing his excitement. Then it’s your turn. You look round, to see everyone debating enthusiastically. People start to write, and write, and write. You leave inspired and wanting more. You feel more intelligent, more alive and more confident than you have in a long time. Simon is a true master of his craft. He makes language – art. I ordered his book the same day. You will too.

Dougie Brew
Unilever, Corporate Affairs Director Africa

Many people can teach the basics of communication but few can inspire a team to genuinely understand, think about and maximise the impact of their communication in the way Simon can. He should be high up the list for anyone wanting to ensure they deliver a difference rather than just deliver a presentation.